Health advice I wish I took more seriously when I was younger!

Health advice I wish I took more seriously when I was younger!

When I was younger, I thought I was invincible. I’d skip every anti-aging ad I’d ever see and scoff at the “preventive measures” I was always asked to take. I mean, I believed I’d be “young forever”, but my body had other plans. My metabolism changed, and so did my body. While I’m grateful for the pesky teen acne finally finding its way out of my face, having to worry about joint health, and gut health has taken over. 

And you know what I learned from it all? Proactiveness and care are the way to go. I now wholeheartedly take care of my body, but some things would’ve been a lot easier had I started earlier. So here’s a list of things I now curse myself for not taking seriously.

Get quality sleep

This one is just a non-negotiable. While we all want to “hustle” and think sleep is secondary, sleep is one of the most important things your body needs. 

Take your vitamins

No, these aren’t just for your parents. Taking your vitamins is super important for your body since most of the food we consume these days may not give you the full volume of nutrients your body needs. Giving your body the vitamins it needs from early on is important to make your body healthier.

Drop that cigarette

Yes, all the cool kids may be doing it but the novelty soon wears off and the only thing you’re left with is ailments. Smoking can literally suck the youth right out of you. The nicotine and tar cause wrinkles and sagging skin because the tiny blood vessels are damaged by the chemicals.

Food is not the enemy

We’ve all wanted to lose weight in a jiffy or follow fad diets because that’s what we saw on the runway. I wish someone told me how important it is to eat right instead of little. Eating healthy and giving your body the nutrients it needs is imperative. 

Do not just opt for contraceptives without checking with your gynecologist to combat PCOS


Ok, this one is really, really important. The symptoms of PCOS aren’t pretty, and when we get a quick fix,- it’s only human to jump at it. But taking contraceptive pills can have long-term implications on your body and could even lead to side effects like depression and menopause symptoms.

Stress will take over your body if you don’t have an outlet

We all believe in the power of pushing through. “One more meeting and I’ll take a break”, “one more weekend and I’ll take some time off”, we say this but never actually take a step back to give all our stress an outlet. Giving yourself a hobby or an activity that helps you de-stress could help you live a longer and healthier life.

Look at your breasts and vagina regularly

Reason 1. It’s always a good idea to keep a check on irregularities or new spots that you may not have seen before and definitely go to the doctor if you see any.

Reason 2: Admire the awesomeness that is your body! You go, girl!

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